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Dr. Gangemi’s List of Ten Things I Think You’d Like To Know

by Dr. Stephen Gangemi on March 4, 2012
Health Knowledge

Here’s a list of ten questions I often get asked from patients as well as sources I use for certain products. Enjoy!

1)  Shoes or no shoes? Less is always better but when you need to (or have to) wear something on your feet check out Vivobarefoot for an entire line of walking, running, and dress shoes and Luna Sandals for well, sandals. You can try on Vivobarefoot shoes in my office and view some other types of minimalist footwear too. Check out Two Rivers Treads for lots of minimalist footwear and use the code SD10 to get 10% off. Remember, barefoot is best!

2)  Whey protein: The only whey protein I use and recommend is Whey Cool by Designs For Health because it is organic and undenatured. That means that MSG is not created during the processing like almost all whey proteins out there. The very few and hard to find whey proteins that don’t have MSG typically are sweetened with a lot of sugars. Not only is whey an ideal source of protein but it is loaded with glutathione, perhaps the body’s most essential antioxidant. Whey Cool comes in plain, vanilla, and cocoa and you can buy on-line, but I sell it even cheaper to my patients. (Sorry, I can’t sell to non-patients.)

3)  Coconut Milk: I use THAI Organic Coconut Milk. It’s the only time I recommend buying a canned food. Native Forest is good too, and there are others. Stay away from the half-gallon varieties found in the refrigerator section as they are watered-down and loaded with sugar, binders/fillers, and synthetic nutrients. At most stores or on-line.

4)  Coconut Oil: A staple in every house. The only oils we use are coconut oil, butter, and extra virgin olive oil. I use Coconut Oil Supreme because I trust its purity. There are others you can buy in stores or on-line.

5)  Smoothies: My typical recipe: Around ½ can or more of coconut milk, water to liquefy as needed, 6-8oz of berries, green stuff (parsley, cilantro, kale, whatever you like), ginger root – mix this all up until well liquefied (Vitamix blenders are best!) and then TURN DOWN your blender so it is very low and just stirring lightly and add 1-2 scoops of whey protein (24-48g protein). As soon as the protein is mixed in, stop the blender! If you add the whey protein in too early and pulverize it there’s a chance you’ll denature it (less healthy) and you’ll also create a lot of foam – it won’t taste too good.

6)  Cookbook? Our favorite is, The Food Lovers Make it Paleo. Obviously, I think everybody should be following a Paleo-Type Diet as often as they can for optimum health.

7)  Sunscreen: ECO Logical is what my family uses and I carry it in the office. It’s so clean you can eat it (but don’t). No harmful chemicals and no harmful zinc or titanium oxides – which are still plentiful in most health-store brands.

8)  Multi-Supplements: I never use or recommend the traditional high dose synthetic multi-type supplements, they don’t provide the “insurance” we are led to believe they provide. Whole food multi-supplements, containing organic dried fruits, vegetables, and herbs can be beneficial, especially if you’re not eating enough of those foods during the day. Alpha Organics and Catalyn from Standard Process are what I recommend. Catalyn is available only from physicians.

9)  Heart Rate Monitors: Everybody should have one. I like Polar monitors but there are plenty of varieties out there. You don’t need to spend a lot to get the basic HR and timer function (<$100). Plenty of info on both my websites on how and why you should be using a HR monitor – especially read the “Sock Doc Training Principles” to get started.

10)  And yes – the websites: (yeah you’re reading it now), and There’s different information on each and you don’t need to be a hard-core athlete to enjoy sock-doc. There’s a mailing list for each but if you’re not into the email-thing then follow me on Twitter @thesockdoc where I’ll alert you of new information on both sites as well as other health information as it comes up. I don’t use Twitter to tell you what I’m eating :).

I'm a board certified chiropractic physician and clinical nutritionist with a passion for true natural health care. I implement dietary & nutritional therapies, exercise & movement practices, and lifestyle changes along with manual therapy techniques to help the body heal and prevent illness and injuries.


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  1. John permalink

    What about the defatted wheat (germ) in the Catalyn and other SP supplements? Should people with gluten sensitivities be concerned with this ingredient?

    • Yeah, some people are sensitive to those but often the germ is not a problem with gluten sensitivity. I sure wouldn’t chance it for Celiac. That’s one problem with Standard Process – still has some gluten, dairy and corn in some of their products.

  2. Julie permalink

    What do you mean by “no harmful zinc or titanium oxides “?
    The active ingredient in Ecological Sunscreen is Zinc oxide….
    I’m confused…

  3. SteveL permalink

    Instead of greens you add I’ve been using MacroGreens. What are your thoughts on this product? Thanks.

    • I’m not familiar with that product specifically, but most “greens” on the market are highly processed cereal grains (like barley and wheat grass) that once processed don’t provide all those nutrients and benefits they’re marketed to provide. Spirulina, as this product contains, often is said to be an excitotoxin (more about that on this site), as are other algaes. The only type of green product I recommend, and sometimes use myself is Wild Greens Supreme.

  4. Ruth permalink

    I have been making a smoothie everyday, using the coconut milk in 1/2 Gal. size (unsweetened) from Whole Foods. Is the WF brand loaded with fillers as well? We go through so much of it, because I use it when cooking as well, that I perfer the refrigerated carton.

    • Not sure on the WF brand, you’d have to check. Realize that in the 1/2 gallon (64 oz) you’re getting 40 grams of fat. In a can (13 oz) you’re getting 70 grams. So, 5 cans basically fits into a half gallon and that would give you approx 350 grams of fat. But there are ONLY 40 grams in there! Roughly 90% of the fat is out – replaced by water. So don’t think you’re saving money; actually you’re wasting it and paying for expensive water. Buy the cans and add water yourself.

  5. ricky bobby permalink

    Do you have an opinion on whey protein from Whey Natural USA? IT claims to be grass fed, non denatured whey protein concentrate with all natural ingredients and sweetened with stevia.

    • I looked it over and I think it’s a great product. Would be interested if anyone reading this uses it to hear how it tastes. Price is not too bad – typically good, clean whey is going to be between $1.50 and $2.00 per serving (of 20-25g of protein).

      Update July 13 – I can not recommend this product. I have tried it personally and tested it on several patients. Although the company states there is no MSG, there is some excitatory effect and although I cannot prove it is MSG without sending it to a lab, the effects are similar. I drank a whey shake and woke up in the middle of the night extremely “hyper” – a symptom that I get from MSG. One could say this was a coincidence but I have tested several patients using manual muscle testing procedures with oral testing of the whey protein, and the patterns elicited with the protein are the same as one of an excitotoxin. I had the same muscle pattern too after drinking the shake. They state there is a “secret” processing and I can only speculate that they are denaturing the whey during this process, despite what they claim. It is also very, very sweet due to the stevia added, which can create problems with those who are sugar sensitive (as most are), but either way the MSG-like effects are too overwhelming to ignore.

  6. Renee permalink

    What about whey isolate by GNC?

  7. John permalink

    Do you use or recommend any other products from the company that makes wild greens supreme?Thanks

    • I do based off individuality. I use most of their products for one reason or another (not personally, but with patients).

  8. mona permalink

    have you ever heard of Humapro? what is your opinion?

    • Yes. As soon as I see a company use sucralose (Splenda) in ANY of their products then I want nothing to do with them.

  9. Susan permalink

    Are you familiar with Aim’s Barleylife? Is it a good green drink?
    And is Whey Cool gluten-free?

  10. arturo permalink

    I am looking for the best whey protein and just Whey Natural Usa and One World Whey fit my standards, are they are 100 grass-fed, no hormones, antibiotics, no artificial sweeteners, concentrate, and TRULLY COLD process, which mean the temperature do not raise above ambient temperature. Also they are the only one in the world that just contain 3 ingredients, whey, natural flavor and natural sweetener, no lecithin, maldodextrin or guar gum. But when I read your comment about these excitatory effects I get very confused. Have you study more in deep or talk to someone of the company?? Thank you very much and sorry for my english…

    • I am not familiar with One World Whey, only Whey Natural. The owner of the company sent me an email after he read my above comments and didn’t like what I had to say, but I am simply commenting on my experience. I had 3 people try the Whey Natural – myself (gave me an excitatory effect), my 4-year old by (gave him leg aches), and a patient (she couldn’t drink – it’s very sweet). However I used manual muscle testing in my office to test a couple dozen more on the product, and they all showed similar excitatory effects as MSG (again – I am not saying it has MSG in it). For those who may be familiar with manual muscle testing, I am not just putting this product on the tongue and looking for a muscle to go weak (that’s bogus muscle testing), but I look for specific patterns with specific muscles and also with various reflex and acupressure points correlating with excitotoxins. So, that is what I can tell you – my findings, and those are what matter to me, not what someone tells me is in, or isn’t in, their product. I know the Whey Cool from Designs for Health is clean and doesn’t have these problems and also isn’t overly sweet. I don’t work for this company or have any stake in it BTW.

  11. arturo permalink

    I understand. Thank you so much for your information. It helps me a lot.

  12. Jacqueline permalink

    Hi Sock-doc,

    I love your web site! Thank you so much for all your help. I am using the Whey Protein and I love it.

    Do you use Flaxseeds? if so, is there a brand that you prefer? Have your heard of Natures Bounty Organic Natural Cold Pressed Flax Oil?

    Thank you all you do!

    • I do not use flaxseeds. If you do make sure you pulverize them up well and use them immediately as heat and light will begin to oxidize the oil.

  13. Kevin permalink

    Is Whey Cool 100% lactose and casein free? I read that casein can cause bloating. I tried Whey Natural! USA and did not feel any excitatory effects that you have mentioned above. I feel that it is a very clean protein and one of the best. Let me know your opinion.

      • Kevin permalink

        Thanks for the information Dr. The website of ‘Whey Cool’ does not mention that their whey protein is lactose or casein free which is confusing.

        According to their website Whey Cool is:

        •Low temperature & minimal processed
        •Contains fragile immune boosting components
        •No cross-flow filtration
        •No microfiltration
        •No ultrafiltration
        •No hydrolyzation
        •No ion exchange
        •Gluten Free

        I do not see that Whey Cool is lactose or casein free.

        Is it possible that the excitatory effects that you felt from Whey Natural!USA may have come from stevia and not the whey itself? Have you tried the plain unflavored version of Whey Natural! USA?

        I know I have an allergy to stevia and purchased the plain unflavored version. There is only one ingredient which is, all natural unrefined non-denatured bioactive cold processed raw whey concentrate from grass fed cows.

        Let me know your opinion between the two protein shakes.


        • I doubt it on the stevia in the Whey Natural since I’ve had stevia before and didn’t see a problem. Plus, the type of oral nutrient muscle testing I do in the office showed the same pattern of excitotoxins, and stevia is not an excitotoxin. Would love to hear you experience with Whey Natural if you use it. The owner wasn’t too happy with my report here; he thinks I just tried it one time and gave my own experience. But there were three of us who actually drank it, and I tested it on numerous patients who all had the same excitotoxin similar effect.

  14. Kevin permalink

    Thank you for your reply Dr. Gangemi.

    I came across the following blog by Jini Patel Thompson owner of LYTG regarding her two year search to find the best raw whey protein shake available today, she concludes that Whey Natural! USA is the best. This protein is casein, soy and gluten free with low lactose.

    I have also heard great things about ‘One World Whey’ by Synergistic Nutrition/Cocoon Nutrition which seems very similar to Whey Natural! USA. This protein is casein, soy and gluten free with some unheated lactose.

    I sent an email to Rockwell Nutrition and received the following reply regarding ‘Whey Cool’:

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    The whey protein that Designs for Health is using in Whey Cool uses a minimally processed and low temperature pasteurized whey to not damage the proteins.

    It is free of gluten, but they have told me in the past that even though the casein is removed they cannot guarantee it is 100% casein free, and the same with lactose. We do not recommend this for someone who has a severe casein allergy or severe lactose intolerance, but those with mild concerns often can do okay with Whey Cool.

    Kind regards,

    Julie, MS, RD, LN
    Licensed Nutritionist & Registered Dietitian

    It looks like ‘Whey Cool’ is a good shake but not guaranteed to be lactose or casein free.

    I look forward to your response. Thanks. Kevin.

    • All I can say is I’ve never had a lactose intolerant or casein allergy patient have a problem with it.

  15. Volzke permalink

    There are only 4 LEGAL PASTEURIZATION METHODS – 3 involve the use of etTIME/TEMP combinations and the 4th uses IRRADIATION meaning NO HEAT which is the so called secret method WHEY NATURAL USA and ONE WORLD WHEY uses. I tried WHEY NATURAL USA and it was extremley sweet and somewhat thick consistency which is not normal as WHEY is watery. I spoke with the owner GREG and he could not provide me with any testing results of their product let alone the IgG%.Both businesses seem SHADY to me.As far as the best my VOTE would go to WELLWISDOMS VITAL WHEY (PROSERUM NATIVE WHEY CONCENTRATE) and they frequently test their WHEY and provide the consumer with all the info.I would challenge WHEY NATURAL USA and ONE WORLD WHETY to put their MONEY where their MOUTH is and compare their WHEY to WELLWISDOMS VITAL WHEY?

  16. Ann permalink

    What is your opinion of Jay Robb’s whey protein? It is not organic, but the rest looks really good. By the way, ALL whey proteins must be pasteurized by law.

    • I think it’s okay but last time I looked there was a lot of other “stuff” in it like various sugars and binders.

  17. Chelsea permalink

    Doc! Firstly, thank you for your wealth of information. As a new mum with plantar fasciitis, DeQuervain’s tendonitis, and just a general sense of exhaustion, I’ve found your websites to be a breath of fresh air. I’ve already ditched my orthotics (which every medical professional told me that I ‘needed to wear 100% of the time or I would die’… Ok, I exaggerate… But you can imagine their gusto when explaining the orthotics’ magnificence and why they’re a gift to the human race). So I’m transitioning to barefoot slowly, reducing the stress in my life (which is usually brought on myself!) along with many other recommendations you’ve made. I’m feeling positive about the changes and can’t wait to see some results once I make even more lifestyle changes (Paleo-type diet, aerobic exercise, etc.). Anyway, I’ve wasted enough of your time with my life story. The thing is, I’m having a problem… I live in Australia (and apart from the fact that you don’t practice here!), I’m struggling to get my hands on a good whey protein powder. Are there any that you know of for us Aussies? I’ve found the following two, and excuse my ignorance, but they *appear* to be the best that I can find…

    This one contains Stevia, which is definitely a downfall:

    I’ve emailed this company and they said that it goes through a micro-filtration process, but I don’t know what that means in terms of MSG:

    Neither contain many ingredients, which I am assuming is a good thing, but I’ve read most of your posts and understand that so many factors are important. I guess I just don’t want to drink this stuff thinking that it’s doing me good, when in fact it’s just garbage! Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you again!

    • Yeah the those whey products look okay. Though I’ve dealt with another company here in the US that claimed it wasn’t hydrolyzed either and it had something funky going on with it. See how you feel with it though. You would want the whey protein concentrate.

      • Chelsea permalink

        Awesome, thank you again!

        PS. It’s been three weeks without orthotics, and I’m now barefoot all day if I’m at home… Now I dread going out because shoes hurt so much! Can’t wait for my Vivobarefoots to arrive!

  18. Carrie smeltzer permalink

    How can I make an appointment to see you. Tired of suffering. Thank You, Sincerely, Carrie

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