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Dr. Gangemi currently works with many athletes in the professional, collegiate, high school, and amateur arena. He advises all his patients on proper exercise for better health, improved fitness, and overall a higher quality of life. Of course, he helps many prepare for races, competition, and performances, and is often sought out when an athlete needs to recover from an injury immediately and/or other forms of care are not providing results. Check out his other site called Sock-Doc – it’s geared more towards athletes.



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  1. trey permalink

    Hi i was wondering if you knew of any ways to fix Gynomacastia. I know that it has to deal with hormones so i thought i would give it a shot and see what you have to say. Thanks Doc!!!!

    • Yeah that has to do with estrogen balance and typically what happens is that the body is shunting testosterone to estrogen. Check out this new SD post, even though that’s not specifically discussed. Also I just did a new podcast about this with the guys at Trail Runner Nation and I talk about estrogen/testosterone in men. It should be up in a week or so.

  2. Linda Anderson permalink

    Hi Doc,

    I have run one half-marathon (and some smaller races) and am in the Fleet Feet Training program for the OBX Marathon in November. I am a 57YO female with very good cardio but I experience chronic pain and sometimes numbness on my right side. Most everything on the left side is fine. I have been doing lots of stretching, some massage therapy and the foam roller and wear compression socks and HOKA shoes. But I have chronic issues mainly in the right hip, pelvic floor and I think my right IT band. It kind of jumps around on that side. It’s not debilitating but I am afraid it may become a bigger issue My husband keeps insisting I see a physician to rule out any major issues. I don’t know who to see and am (illogically) afraid a visit to a doc will curtail my running. Any advice on where to go with these issues?


    Linda from Chatham County

    • Well for starters as you know from reading this site I think stretching is often harmful and Hoka’s are terrible for your body.

  3. Linda Anderson permalink

    Thanks for your response. Actually, I had not read everything on your site when I sent this but I have since read much more. I would like to continue to run. Is a reasonable course of action to work on strengthening from my feet to my core? Why is a minimal shoe better than one with cushioning? There’s so much info out there, it’s frustrating to know what to believe.


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