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Autism typically affects a person usually within their first few years of life. An autistic individual may appear perfectly normal in appearance, but due to neurological and biochemical disorders, they seem to live in a world of their own. An autistic child may throw tantrums, show no interest in other people, perform repetitive activities such as arm flapping or voice echoing, and stare into space for hours. Today it is estimated that 1 of every 100 children is diagnosed with Autism, and the rate has grown, and is expected to continue to increase 10+% per year.

Autism is really a spectrum disorder that includes attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, Asperger’s syndrome, and pervasive developmental disorder. The treatment towards the autism spectrum disorders involves dietary, nutritional, neurological, and one-on-one therapies (occupational and play-interactive).

There is no one definitive reason for autism. Today, heavy metal toxicity, primarily mercury, is thought to be one trigger. Vaccinations, which used to contain the mercury preservative thimerosal, have been under heavy scrutiny. Today’s childhood vaccinations are no longer made with this metal, though older batches are still being used up and some still have very slight levels of thimerosal in them. Vaccines will also dampen the immune system, and children in the spectrum always have some immune issue. Another area to consider is the digestive tract as these children usually have multiple food allergies, most commonly gluten (wheat, rye, barley, sometimes oat) and cow’s milk (the protein casein, not the lactose sugar intolerance). Their digestive tract usually contains a host of yeast, fungus, and abnormal [pathologic] bacteria.

Treating a child (or adult) within the autism spectrum entails not just focusing on one aspect. This is where total body health is taken into consideration. The immune system, the digestive tract, and the nervous system need to be fully investigated. Cleaning up the diet and the digestive tract, strengthening the immune system, chelating heavy metals when necessary, providing the proper amount of nutrients in their correct form and dosage, and advising on beneficial neurological therapies are the main issues that need to be applied. Additionally, specific neurological exercises can help “balance” the brain of an affected individual.

Also check out the vaccine information as well as “A Healthy Sensory Diet” written by my wife, Mary-Beth.

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