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Kids Health & Nutrition

Kids have important nutritional considerations too, especially with the junk food made primarily for them today. Kids get injured just like adults and have pains and issues too, particularly with digestion and immune function. Check out the injury section under the Fitness page to learn about common childhood injuries. Dr. Gangemi treats many kids, from very young babies to teenagers. Treating kids who can’t perform neurological manual muscle testing, (usually kids under the age of 6 and children with developmental delays), require special testing procedures to be implemented. Parents with kids in this category must click on and read the Frequently Asked Questions packet prior to scheduling an appointment.


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  1. mery anderson permalink

    Can you give me information about walking on your tippy-toes? I have a grandaughter who is 8 years old, and have been walking all her life on her toes. She was taken to a doctor when she was 5, but nothing has changed. Does this habit ever go away, and much is she going to be affected as she gets older. Thank you for your response, I am very worried.

    • Tippy toes could be from muscle imbalances in the lower leg/calf/pelvis area or from some sensory-motor problem (kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders often walk tippy toe). If you don’t suspect ASD since it’s been 3 years, then most likely a muscular issue. It may go away, but other problems can result – such as ankle, knee, back problems so you should have her checked out by a qualified chiropractor or like-minded holistic therapist who works with kids and musculoskeletal issues. She’s barefoot (almost) all the time I hope!

  2. laura permalink

    i have a 3 year old daughter and im concerd evrytime she falls asleep she stars to twitch her body and gets really sweaty

    • There is something stressing your little girl out. Food allergy perhaps? If she’s eating non-natural foods (artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, MSG, etc.) that could do it too. Medications if she’s on any. Bad fats – vege oils or trans fats can cause it too. Finally could be a mineral deficiency.

  3. miss permalink

    What about with 1.5 year old with temper tantrums, sweaty underarm odor and what supplements are best for kids immune health overall. BY the way we live in South Florida. THANKS
    Oh and I forgot to mention constant complaint of knee pain – is that growing pains? What should I be aware of ?

    • Typically those symptoms are from too many bad fats (vege oils and trans fats), sugar, and preservatives. Can also be from mineral imbalances. I cannot give specific nutrient advice on-line, sorry. :)

  4. miss permalink

    what kids vitamins or book on kids health do you recommend? are there any specific must have minerals or vitmins for a two year old? what type of magnesium is best for kids? thanks in advance

    • I only recommend supplements on an individual basis – I don’t think that someone, adult or child, should just take a supplement because they think or read that something is good for them. More on that here:
      The only exception I’d make here is fish oil and truly whole food supplements – freeze dried fruits/veges.

  5. Missa permalink

    We are gluten free, and milk free, though we do have yogurt and cheese. We eat a lot of veggies, fruit, and nuts. Our grains are quinoa, GF oats, and rice. We do not consume a lot of “snack” items, baked goods or bread substitutes. My question is: my son (3) and daughter (2) seem to get pot bellied from time to time and I can’t put my finger on whether or not its something they’ve eaten. They’re both very active and seem to be made of solid, stocky, well balanced jumping muscles! ;) Today they look especially pot bellied to me… just wondering if you have any wisdom on this phenomenon in toddlers.

    • Yes, that’s usually a yeast/fungus problem in the gut or a food sensitivity. If they’ve been on antibiotics then you could consider a gut fungus (dysbiosis) and that’s feeding off carbs when they eat them. The treatment there would be to reduce/eliminate all starches, including quinoa, and all those snack items. Even if they haven’t been on meds like that they could still be fueling something with the carbs. If not that then consider a food sensitivity. Remove the yogurt and soft cheese – maybe lactose intolerance.

  6. sarah permalink

    i found this site very informative, would like to ask some questions concerning my kids.

  7. Teresa permalink

    My son has been nonstop itching since 2010! He is 3 yrs old and has eczema. We discovered he had allergies and is intolerant to many foods. We’ve eliminated all those foods (sugars, gluten, dairy…). He also had reactions to his Vaccines (giving him vaccines was the biggest mistake of my life along with my now removed amalgam filings). This is what recently started doing:
    1. Removed all allergens
    2. Low carb barely sugar
    3. Pro-Biotics Plus
    4. Ultra-Enzyme Support
    5. Zeolite (for detox)
    6. Biocidin
    7. Aquaphor

    -Is there a test he can have so we can see whats going on with his gut?
    -Should we be adding or taking away from what we are doing?
    -Also, I don’t think he has as much energy as a 3 year old should have.

    We would do anything to help him. Can you please point us in some direction? Thanks

    • Sorry I cannot give individualized advice on-line. Best to find a holistic doc who works in this area if you’re unable to see me or consult with me.

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