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Office Information for Dr. Stephen Gangemi, Chiropractic Doctor

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Dr. Gangemi practices in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Our office is about 7-8 minutes from Duke University and 5-6 minutes from UNC.

Office hours are by appointment only. Although his schedule changes, the general office hours are:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9am to 6pm 9am to 6pm Usually closed 9am to 7pm 9am to 4pm

Contact Info
Dr. Stephen Gangemi
213 Providence Road, Eastowne Hills Executive Offices
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Phone: 919-419-9099
Fax: 919-419-9049


From Greensboro and points North and West:

  • Travel on I-40 East and get off at EXIT 270.
  • From the top of EXIT 270 TURN RIGHT ON TO US-15-501 SOUTH.
  • Go another 2/10ths of a mile and TURN RIGHT AT THE FIRST STREET which is PROVIDENCE.
  • TAKE THE 3rd RIGHT (about 1/10th of a mile) into the Eastowne Hills Executive Offices parking lot.
    • The first right is at 401 Eastowne Drive.
    • The second right is Cloister Ct.
    • We are the third right – It is a gray building.
  • We are at the right hand end of the building in 213.

From Raleigh-Durham airport and points East:

  • Travel on I-40 West and get off at EXIT 270.
  • From the top of EXIT 270 TURN LEFT ON TO US-15-501 SOUTH.
  • Cross over I-40 and go about 2/10ths of a mile beyond TO THE FIRST TRAFFIC LIGHT AND TURN RIGHT ON EASTOWNE DRIVE.
  • Go another 2/10ths of a mile and TURN RIGHT AT THE FIRST STREET which is PROVIDENCE.
  • TAKE THE 3rd RIGHT (about 1/10th of a mile) into the Eastowne Hills Executive Offices parking lot.
    1. The first right is at 401 Eastowne Drive.
    2. The second right is Cloister Ct.
    3. We are the third right – It is a gray building.
    4. There is a bus stop sign just before the driveway.
  • We are at the right hand end of the building in 213.

From Chapel Hill:

  • Take US-15-501 North.
  • TURN LEFT AT EASTOWNE DRIVE (across from the Blue Cross – Blue Shield building.)
  • TURN LEFT AT PROVIDENCE the second actual street on the left.
    1. There are several apartments and other buildings on the left – look for the green street signs.
    2. The first street is Old Sterling.
  • Continue on Providence about 1/10th of a mile and TURN LEFT into the Eastowne Hills Executive Offices parking lot.
  • We are at the right hand end of the building in 213.


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  1. Jennifer permalink

    I am not sure if I could make it to your office due to distance. Do you perhaps have a colleague in or near Birmingham, Al you would recommend?
    Do you take insurance?

  2. Tom Peyton permalink

    I am a chiropractor from PA. I just discovered your website. I commend you for your knowledge and passion. We are considering a move sometime. How is NC about child immunizations? I know they say religious beliefs..? Do you mentor or teach? Thanks!

    • Hi Doc, thanks! Love NC – no problem with vaccines here. We don’t vaccinate our kids and a lot of my pts don’t either. I teach some and mentor several students.

  3. Acadia permalink

    Dr Gangemi,

    I can’t thank you enough for your video on Piriformis. I started yoga a year ago and rather immediately started feeling a deep pain in my left butt. Then a combination of a fall (where I landed with a thump on my feet) and flat shoes have caused constant foot pain. It’s been a year and the pain in my butt and feet have not gone. There’s no lower back/disc problem, and nerve tests have turned out negative. I am currently undergoing ultrasound therapy for foot, since i am finding it hard to walk for more than a couple of blocks. I am at a loss for what to do next. None of the doctors I have visited can even confidently tell me what the issue is. Going by your video, I am sure I have both a piriformis and a Psoas issues, as I can’t flex my leg/hip as you show in the video. Also I am aware when I am walking that I tend to put more pressure on my left-foot and hence all my problems are on the left-side of the lower body. In addition, I am 36 and apparently have been diagnosed with ovarian cysts. Do you think everything is related to my piriformis and Psoas? What do you advise? I will take Vitamin E as you’ve mentioned. But I feel let down by the advise to not stretch (though it makes sense). How much longer for the issue to get corrected since I have been suffering now from a year with other issues manifesting. Your help and advise will be most appreciated. Thank you once again for posting this video.

    PS: I live in New Jersey and any suggestions on whom I can visit here will be hugely beneficial.

    • Yes, many times women with hormonal problems, especially resulting in ovarian cysts, will also develop some low back or hip problems. There is info on this site about ovarian cysts and insulin resistance (use the search bar).

      If you decide to take vitamin E make sure it is the mixed, natural type. I never use over 200 IU a day with my patients. It’s too hard to say how long it will take you to improve as there are too many factors to consider. If it’s just a trigger point issue it could be very fast; if it’s related to diet/hormones then much longer.

      Sorry I don’t know anyone in NJ.

  4. Denise Cavner permalink

    I just discovered your website via a video on youtube you posted. I am interested in going to a chiropractor that does the same type of therapy you do. Where were you trained and how can I find someone in my area that does this type of work? I am very much interested in the trigger therapy. I live in central Washington state.
    Thank you for your videos, they are very informative and helpful.

    • You’ll have to ask around for a chiropractor who uses manual muscle testing and perhaps applied kinesiology. There are so many docs out there with different philosophies and methods you’ve got to find an individual rather than a specific field/profession.

  5. ninfa permalink

    Dr Gangemi, I had an acute gb infection and upper colon infection/swelling in aug ’13. Dr recom surgery to remove gb. I asked about healing with diet, exercise and flushes. He said no! it won’t work, my problem can ony be treated with surgery. I found your site. I believe much of what you share as it concurs with much research on good health the natural way. I need a second opinion and I want a physician who is knowledgeable and will teach me to achieve better health, esp since I just rec’d liver funct test with high sgot & high chol. (I am eating raw foods, no oils…none!) I don’t want to get on meds as I know majority of dr will prescribe. My liver is already ailing. And! meds treat symptoms not cure…along with added side effects I wasn’t exp’g before the meds. Anyway, how can I find a dr like yourself, where do I begin, what are key words for search engines and word of mouth inquiries? Please help!

  6. Froso permalink

    I’m from a little island called Cyprus, I was reading a lot about carb intolerance and now this article about FODMAPS. I can say for sure that I’m very confused because this is the first time I’m reading about such things, doctors here in cyprus are like 50 years behind! I’ve been having weight problems since I was 11 years old. Before my 11 eleven I was a very thin child and would not eat a lot. Now I’m 32 and still have the same problem. Everybody has been saying that I eat to much but that’s not true I’ve tried so many diets since my 12 and none work, I was diagnosed 7 years ago with metabolic syndrome. The only diet that worked for me and been able to loose 32 kgs (100 kg to 68 kg) was the cambridge diet. This diet has no sugar, no fat, no carbs. Whenever I finish it though I always start again to put on weight even though I watch what I eat I don’t eat a lot and I have a healthy lifestyle with natural made by me juices, lot’s of veggies, legumes, beans, fruits, nuts and seeds. Low on dairy, meat and have dessert only on special occasions such as birthday parties etc. I have carb craving due to high insulin levels from Metabolic syndrome. So that always makes me go back to the only thing working for me cambridge diet! I don’t want to be 100 kg again. My height is only 1.57 cm and I am a female. Now with all this that I’m reading now made me confused, everything makes sense! I have stomach bloating, lack of energy and other health issues like high cholesterol and triglycerides (used to be higher but still high), my body has the tendency to store fluid so my ankles, feet hurt especially during the summer. I also have polυcystic ovarian. Sometimes I have heartburn. Terrible gas resulting from bloating, when I eat bread I have diarrhea, not always but most of the times. So with this I don’t know whats best for me to do. I know I live far away from you but would it be possible to have some help to resolve whats causing me all this problem? I don’t think any of the doctors here will be able to help! In what ever circumstances thank you just for spending time reading my thesis regarding my body!!! :-)

  7. galligirl permalink

    Hello, I have ulcerative collitis (10 yrs now) been on Remicade for 7yrs. (it was the only thing that stopped the bleeding) Now I am having gallbaldder problems, they did a HIDA scan and it’s functioning at 10% and want to remove it. I have been going to an acupuncturist for the last 3 weeks, I’m running a low temp between 99 – 99.6 I have been on a brown rice and chicken diet, not bread no sweets. Any suggestions would be great on how to keep my gallbladder. I believe we do need the gall bladder, I read your article. Wish you were not so far away. Thanks for any advice you can give me.

  8. Sarah Lynch permalink

    Hi Dr Gangemi,

    I read lots of your articles and ended up purchasing ‘correct toes’ for bunions I have based on your recommendations as it made more sense than the orthotics route to me.

    My query is concerning my sporty teenage son who has osgood schlatter disease. He is 15 and has had it for 18 months at this stage. We have tried all conventional treatments but it just gets worse and he has not been able to play a full soccer match for a year now. This is really affecting him. Can you give me some advice? We live in Ireland so unfortunately cannot visit!

  9. Manon permalink


    I have partial tear in supraspinatus which has caused sharp pain in my biceps. They keep saying it is referred pain. Because of the pain, I could not move my shoulder and now I have adhesive capsulitis. When they give me exercise raising my arm, the pain in the biceps gets worse. Is it really referred pain or do I have biceps tendonitis?


  10. Sandy permalink

    your site is fantastic and I love the video on piraformis. I live in Charlotte, NC and was just diagnosed by my PT with Pudendial nerve compression, via piraformis, hip and sciatica. It started with burning in my butt check and leg down to my knee in the back of my thigh. Went away for a while and several months ago and currently it is painful to sit and now lower back is hurting along with other weird symptoms. I would gladly make the trip to Chapel Hill from Charlotte, but cannot sit for more than 30 minutes without mechanical and neuro pain. I was wondering if there are any docs like you In the Charlotte area?

  11. Robert Ferrari permalink

    Saw your article in Paleo magazine on chocolate and loved it! It reminded me to get in touch with you to follow up on a letter I sent you about health coaching a while back. I would enjoy the opportunity to discuss health coaching with you either via email or telephone, or face to face if you will be in the area visiting Dr. Rawnsley any time soon. I could always travel to your office as well.

  12. Natalia permalink

    Dr Grangremi. Very useful page with relevant info on healthy lifestyle. A question. During my first pregnancy I gained over 25+ kilos. It was discovered, late into the pregnancy (7.5 months) that I was Diabetic (gestational), had Hypothyroid and was Carb Intolerant (CI), probably already a problem years back but never tested. I was given a diet with 5-6 small meals and no sugar/carbs/milk (only low-fat cheese), as well as 50 mg (Eutirox). After giving birth, I continued with the Eutirox (this time at 100 mg as I was feeling very tired. I was told this condition, and probably the CI would continue even when I’m not pregnant. I only lost around 10K but still carrying 15k+ of overweight. I do moderate exercise every day (running/walking/anaerobic dancing for about 1.5 hrs). Which diet should I follow considering that I would like to get pregnant again (starting from a healthy weight level)? Many thanks!

  13. rick permalink

    Dr. Gangemi: I really like this Post , it makes a lot of sense. I wanted to ask your opinion on something like wearing Birkenstocks (not for “the looks” of course) but for giving a supportive framework for the foot, while not actually wear molded orthodics (medical or store bought)

    Are these type of shoes helpful to a certain extent? I understand its all about the body as a whole and proper functioning of the lower extremities, however, if we all need to wear shoes or sandals, so…would the Bikenstocks be a good choice? thanks kindly!

  14. Roger Johnson permalink

    I watched your video about shoulder pain and the muscles surrounding it and my Moms shoulder is always aching and she had an xray and everything looks fine. I think it is the muscles, she did fall on that shoulder a while back. Is there a doctor you might know in the Cincinnati, Dayton Ohio area or what doctors credentials should we look for? Would an MRI show anything that could be a problem?

  15. chris F permalink

    Hi, I have found your info on the gallbladder very interesting. I have been getting digestive issues, discomfort, terrible burping and have had unexplained constipation ( I eat a healthy, natural well balanced diet) anyway … Long story, short – I had an ultrasound scan and an 11 mm polyp on my thin walked GB also it found and a 6 cm ovarian simple cyst. I have been told both need removing I am 52 year old female. Please do you have any info about polyps and should I agree to have it removed.
    Thank you.

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