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Current Office Information

Here is an office schedule update for Winter 2015

The established patient schedule is close to 90% full through January 2015. If you need an appointment, please give Peggy a call at the office.  As always, I make time for any current patient emergencies and you may continue to email me with any issues as needed.

New patients may call Peggy to be put on the wait-list. The office number is 919-419-9099. Currently we are estimating that the wait time is around 9+ months. Earlier appointments for special circumstances may be available (info here at bottom, #1B). Call or email us for scheduling info if interested.

I’ve received many inquiries about phone consults for those who cannot travel to see me or are unable to wait to see me. I have information regarding this over at the Sock Doc site here: Consult with Dr. Gangemi

Important Dates:

Out Of Office Dates:
November 26-28
December 24-26
December 31-January 2


2015 Conferences & Workshops:

ICAK Italy – Milan, Italy: March 28-29
ICAK England: May 9-10
ICAK USA: Chicago July 30-Aug 2

Sock Doc Workshop North Carolina: April 24-26
Sock Doc Workshop London: May 11-17
Sock Doc Workshop Denmark: August 2015

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  1. brian fitzgerald permalink

    Hi Dr. Gangemi,
    First of all, I want to profusely thank you for how much I have improved under your recommendations.
    Can you recommend a doctor with your philosophy in the Bay Area? If not, I want to set up a skype consult with you as soon as possible. I’m 45 years old, After years of orthotics, stair master and deep stretching I dumped the orthotics, quit the stair master and quit stretching at your recommendation and go barefoot asap and vivo barefoot shoes at work and use the roller for legs. HUGE IMPROVEMENT for my feet.

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