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  • Calories In = Calories Out?

    November 10, 2010
    bright picture of lovely girl with ice cream

    A Brazilian court recently ruled that McDonald’s must pay one of its former managers $17,500 because he gained 65 pounds over his 12 years of work. He felt “forced” to sample the foods each day to ensure high quality standards. Yeah, because the quality standards there are just so high. I have a feeling he no longer works there and most likely has gone to their competitor so he can finally say he’s a taste-tester for the food of the King. That’s a better excuse to put on some weight. The notion of weight gain from increased calories actually only goes so far, just as reducing calories only results in weight loss to a certain degree – some less than others, some not at all.

    The whole theory behind “calories in = calories out” is a joke. It’s been the foundation of diet programs, weight loss clinics, registered dieticians, and other groups who still feel that it’s all about the calorie. Though counting calories as a weight loss program fails much more often than it succeeds, some still want to grasp at the idea that what you put in your mouth and that which your body uses for energy is only a number. (more…)