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  • Childhood Obesity – Get Your Kid Eating Right and Exercising Before It’s Too Late

    March 3, 2011

    We are way too fat here in North Carolina. But if I move west to Kentucky, then my kids will get fatter. North to Virginia, they will drop some weight. East, well, they’re going to get wet.

    Ok, enough of the joking, for now. Childhood obesity is a nationwide problem, regardless of where you live. Many kids are putting on a lot of weight for two relatively simple reasons – they don’t exercise and they eat highly processed foods containing white flours and sugars. Kids are being put on statin medications – those are the drugs that lower cholesterol – and teenagers are even going to extremes by getting Lap-Band surgeries performed. Squeezing the upper part of anyone’s stomach so they feel full sooner should only be considered in extreme situations – definitely not in any kid. (more…)